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Just open the cab door

  Most car just can only open the cab door when you pressing remote key , and only after pressing it twice, all the doors can be opened.

Some drivers pick up the car in a remote parking lot,If just open the cab door, they can prevent the bad guys from getting on the car from the back seat of the vehicle or the door of the front passenger seat. So, this life-saving function is really precious, isn’t it, especially for female drivers?

Turn off the car window 

  After the car is parked, turn off the engine directly, then pull the handbrake to get off the car and leave. But suddenly looking back,  found forget to close the window or sunroof . What will you do at this time? It must be back in the car, turn on the ignition switch, close the windows and sunroof, and then lock the car again. Is it troublesome?

In fact, most people don’t know, after the car is turned off, as long as you press and hold the lock button of the remote control key, the glass and sunroof of the car will automatically close! In some cars, as long as the remote control lock function is used, all the windows will automatically rise and close. This function is really very practical, it is the gospel of Martha, haha.

Find the car quickly

  If you can’t find your car quickly, the car key have a button can help you. For example, when you go to a shopping mall and park your car in underground parking lot, you need to search all over the world when you come back to pick up it. Don’t panic at this time. If you want to find your car, you just need to press the red button on the car key to make the car make a sound. This will make it easier to find your car, but to be careful,  Don’t use this function in the case of emergence time, since it will affect others when you use it.

  Many models remote control key have a button to help you open the trunk automatically. Long press the trunk unlock button (in some cars, double-click), the trunk will open automatically. If you just come out of the supermarket and carry large bags in your hand, it will be very practical at this time, and it can provide a lot of convenience with a single touch.

Post time: 10-11-2021


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